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Writing Collaborations
Not everyone has the gift of self expression. Sometimes the words you want to say are right on the tip of your tongue or just need a little tweaking. The best storylines, songs and jingles were created by co-writers. The most professional documents and presentations have been edited. The most intriguing ads and speeches were drafted by ghostwriters.
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VoiceOver Production
The voice of your company is just as important as its face. The power of spoken word is irrefutable, and the right voice will capture your intended audience. Do your callers need to hear IVR prompts and voicemail greetings in Spanish, French, or Portuguese? Does your story need require a narrator that evokes emotion? Do you want to ensure that your commercial sounds dynamic and does not get tuned out?
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Makeup Artistry
There is no need for a camera filter when you get in front of the camera "picture perfect." With all the YouTube videos available, just about anyone can "do" make up. But why take a chance on not doing it right? Don't be that business person, model, or bride that wastes money on pictures that you aren't proud to share and look at for years to come.
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Marketing Communications/ PR
Business success does not happen overnight nor does it occur by chance. Diligent research is required to achieve effective marketing campaigns. “One size fits all” does not apply when it comes to selecting the right communications channel to convert followers to customers.
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Virtual Directory

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